About us

About usAbout our work

ELPG exists since 1975 and originated as a project to assist poor farming families in northern Ghana to make a more sustainable living. Several of our projects in Ghana have grown into officially recognized organizations (NGOs). The additional value of our efforts is appreciated and supported by Dutch organizations for developmental aid.

The board:

Six unpaid persons form the executive board:

    • Kees van Veluw (chairman)
    • Steef Kruitwagen (treasurer)
    • Emile Hagelen (secretary)
    • Dick Heesen
    • Marretje Adriaanse
    • Sylvia Dorland

These people have professional and managerial experience that facilitates the projects in Ghana. One of them lived and worked in Ghana for several years and others are professionally occupied with sustainable and/or ecological agriculture.

The board members are divided in tasks groups, as described in the next paragraph. The task groups prepare proposals for the board sessions and shape the practical execution of the decisions.

Project committees
The project committess (SEISUD, CEAL en Gundoo-Daaseli) stay in touch with the project leaders of the three projects: Peter Anoah, Issifu Sulemana en Madish Abubakari. The committees advise project leaders on changes and developments in the project. Questions emerging from the projects are also answered and new ideas and budgets are worked on together.

Communication committee
The communication committee takes care of updating the website, facebook page, circular letter and folder. In the near future, we will redesigning the circular letter. The committee also arranges for fairs, conferences and lectures. Incidentally, all board members themselves can be deployed in these activities.

Fundraising committee
The fundraising committee is involved in writing project plans and looking for financiers. Donors are important in this respect, but one-off donations from capital funds and co-financing organizations also form a large part of the annual income. The committee is also exploring crowdfunding.