ELPG exists since 1975 and originated as a project to assist poor farming families in northern Ghana to make a more sustainable living. Several of our projects in Ghana have grown into officially recognized organizations (NGOs). The additional value of our efforts is appreciated and supported by Dutch organizations for developmental aid.

We aim to train farmers in sustainable methods to help them grow enough food for their families. Our ecological methods have proven to work and have led to:
– Doubling or tripling of the harvest
– Decline in erosion
– Improved soil fertility
– Increased social cohesion in villages (composting is done together)
– More thrust in own abilities
– Improvement of the environment, e.g. by planting trees.
Successful farmers can feed their families and maybe even sell a part of their harvest. This means there is money for schooling, clothes, and health care. The authorities in Northern Ghana have seen the success of our methods and are slowly integrating them more and more in their education programs.