Welcome at the website of “Ghana Organic Agricultural Projects (GOAP, or ELPG in Dutch)”, a Dutch NGO that aims at environment-conscious agricultural projects for the people of rural Ghana.

GOAP stands for sustainable fight against hunger and poverty

In rural Ghana people suffer from hunger and the burden of poverty. The insufficient knowledge to produce enough food for the growing population is the main cause. The solution is to teach farmers to apply ecological methods. This is done by local project leaders, with the support and professional contribution of GOAP. The corporation deals with agricultural developments in Northern Ghana already for 40 years, and the results prove that these ecological methods work:

  • doubling or tripling harvest yields
  • sustainable land use, less erosion, improved fertility of the soil
  • improved environment, for example through planting of trees
  • more social cohesion among the villagers: composting is a communal activity
  • more trust in the own abilities

These farmers are able to feed their families properly and can sell part of their harvest. That generates money for schools, clothing and health care. The agricultural authorities in Northern Ghana have taken notice of these results and increasingly incorporate these techniques in their educational programmes.